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Zim man jailed for assaulting 17-year-old girl


“I am asking for forgivenes­s. I thought I was reprimandi­ng the child but ended up assaulting her unintentio­nally!” Milton Mfundisa nervously told Francistow­n Magistrate­s’ Court this Tuesday as he begged for mercy.

Pleading guilty to assault common, the 38-year-old Zimbabwean further attempted to pull the court’s heartstrin­gs, explaining he has two minor children who depend on him as their mother is unemployed.

Mfundisa admitted assaulting 17-year-old Kebadirets­e Mokgethi at Patayamate­bele village (80km southeast of Francistow­n) on 22nd March.

The teenager was being reprimande­d by her relatives when Mfundisa, who stays in the same yard, intervened and slapped her.

He was to pay a hefty price for his heavy-handed interferen­ce.

The girl later reported the incident to Tonota Police, an assault case was subsequent­ly opened and Mfundisa arrested.

The Gweru native was also charged with entering the country illegally after it was discovered he does not have proper travelling documents.

Having pleaded guilty to both counts, Mfundisa was fined P1,500 for being in Botswana unlawfully, failure to pay carrying a sixmonth prison term.

However, he was not able to escape jail entirely as Magistrate Chandapiwa Molefhe sentenced him to another six months for assault.

 ??  ?? JAILED:
Mfundisa outside court
JAILED: Mfundisa outside court

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