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Selolwe students freak out after eating drug-laced cookies


Two weeks ago, The Voice reported on how 21 students at Nata Primary School were rushed to the clinic hallucinat­ing and hysterical after eating space cookies (biscuits laced with dagga).

It seems the ‘cookie monster’ has now struck in Francistow­n.

Last Thursday, five Form One students at Selolwe Hill Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Monarch caused a scene at break-time, losing control of their senses, seemingly suffering an almighty ‘high’ after munching on cookies thought to contain weed and possibly cocaine and CAT.

The x-rated snacks were reportedly brought to school by a 14-year-old girl, who shared them with four male classmates aged 14 to 15.

According to Central Station Commander, Mogomotsi Kesupile, his office received a report from the school head regarding pupils acting strangely.

“Teachers noticed the students be

having weirdly, acting violently, crying and stripping themselves naked around 10 in the morning during their breaktime. When questioned, the students revealed they ate cookies they got from one of their friend,” the top cop informed The Voice.

Realising the children had probably ingested a drug-induced substance, the school alerted the police.

“When we arrived at the school, it was in shambles. The pupils had to be separated from the rest of the students due to their erratic behaviour. During our search, we discovered crumbs with a white substance in them, as well as what appears to be dagga on one of the students’ tables,” continued the police chief.

All five teenagers were taken to the clinic, where they were eventually referred to Nyangabgwe Hospital and treated before being discharged.

The police are yet to make any arrests in connection with the case, with the cookie crumbs currently at the lab undergoing tests to determine exactly what drugs they contained.

Speaking to The Voice on condition of anonymity, the mother of one of the boys affected explained she arrived home in the late afternoon to find her son fast asleep, wet with sweat.

“He was deep in his sleep with sweat all over his body and the blankets. I then woke him up in shock, that’s when he told me everything,” she said, urging the school’s management to conduct routine searches on pupils at the school gates to ensure this does not happen again.

“I nearly lost my only child - the next parent might not be so lucky!” she warned.

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