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Trio arrested for smuggling 12-year-old into the country


BOTSWANA Police have arrested three suspects believed to have smuggled a 12-year-old Zimbabwean girl into the country.

The trio: Watson Milidzani Ncube, 33, Anywhere Cherigo, 38, and Trust Cherigo, 40, thought to be the child’s father, are currently in custody after being remanded by Francistow­n Magistrate­s’ Court on Monday.

It seems Ncube successful­ly snuck the girl through the border but was stopped by officers manning Bissoli Gate on the outskirts of Tshesebe on 1st February.

Although he had the required travel documents, his young travel partner did not, which raised the cops’ suspicions.

After interrogat­ing Ncube, the boys in blue made a further two arrests in Ghetto the following day, detaining Anywhere and Trust, believed to be brother and sister.

Allegation­s are that Ncube was sent to bring the child at a fee while Anywhere facilitate­d the deal.

An Apostle at Johan Masowe Church, Trust’s issues with the law were compounded when it emerged he was in the country illegally.

Ensuring all three accused remain locked-up for now, Prosecutor Moatlhodi Macheng, told court: “The father is staying in Botswana illegally and we are still to establish whether there are more accused persons to be arrested or not.

“We fear that granting them bail might jeopardise our investigat­ions and we fear that they might flee back to their country.”

The prosecutor’s desire was granted and the suspects remanded until their next court appearance, set for 19th February.

Meanwhile, the little girl remains at a safe house as the authoritie­s try to track down her mother in Zimbabwe and organise a DNA test.

Trust in the middle
DETAINED TRIO: Trust in the middle

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