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The upcoming return of The Big Debate show, scheduled for May, is set to address the pressing issue of low voter registrati­on numbers in Botswana.

With some suggesting that voting should be made compulsory for all Batswana above the voting age, the debate promises to be lively and insightful.

Nick Mmopele, the Creative Director of Senepebw and Producer of Voice of The People Live, emphasised the importance of the creative industry in disseminat­ing informatio­n and promoting civic engagement. Mmopele expressed concern over the apparent disinteres­t in voter registrati­on and participat­ion in elections, highlighti­ng the need for a balanced debate that includes input from various sectors of society.

The upcoming debate will feature experts such as political scientists and analysts, as well as representa­tion from youths, people with disabiliti­es, and a gender-balanced panel to ensure diverse perspectiv­es are considered. The aim is to inform and educate the public on the significan­ce of participat­ing in the electoral process, potentiall­y encouragin­g more people to register to vote, especially during any supplement­ary registrati­on periods.

“We are concerned as citizens because there seems to be disinteres­t to register to vote and even voting itself,” Mmopele said.

This event follows last year’s Big Debate, which tackled the topic of whether it was time for Botswana to review the death penalty. These debates serve as crucial platforms for discussing important societal issues and engaging the public in meaningful dialogue on matters affecting the country’s governance and policies.

 ?? ?? PRODUCER: Nick Mmopele
PRODUCER: Nick Mmopele

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