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“Mi­nha tra­je­tó­ria co­me­ça em meu ber­ço mi­nei­ro, de tra­di­ções, ri­tos e fé. O en­can­to pe­lo po­vo e seu jei­to sim­ples de di­zer e fa­zer as coi­sas, as brin­ca­dei­ras de rua, as fa­zen­das e os te­ci­dos em­pi­lha­dos nas pra­te­lei­ras do ba­zar, a de­li­ca­de­za do bor­da­do vin­do das mãos de mi­nha mãe. Es­tas, en­tre ou­tras lem­bran­ças da in­fân­cia, fo­ram cos­tu­ra­das en­tre pin­tu­ras e te­ci­dos, bor­da­dos e mi­çan­gas sob o fo­co do meu tra­ba­lho de Ar­te Sa­cra Po­pu­lar.”

“My work starts with Mi­nas he­ri­ta­ge, so ri­ch in tra­di­ti­ons, ri­tes, faith. Char­ming pe­o­ple with a sim­ple way of saying things, chil­dren’s stre­et plays of the past, co­lor­ful fa­brics pi­led high on shops’ shel­ves, the ever so de­li­ca­te em­broi­dery pi­e­ces my mother ma­gi­cally cre­a­ted with her hands. The­se and other me­mo­ri­es from my childho­od we­re in­grai­ned in­to my pain­tings and fa­brics, em­broi­dery and be­ad works, from the pers­pec­ti­ve of the po­pu­lar sa­cred art that is the my ar­tis­tic fo­cus.”

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