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Gemme The Label: Turning jewellery pieces into a sparkling success


Sharing the beauty of jewellerie­s to inspire elegance and simplicity in everyday accessorie­s, Gemme The Label is created to make people feel confident and beautiful.

Dania Manan had always wanted to venture into a business by making her own brand which was how the business came about.

Gemme The label is a brand that is built around a simple foundation that emphasises the beauty in elegance and simplicity in every woman.

The everyday woman is the inspiratio­n behind the brand which is why their jewellerie­s are mostly simple and trendy gold and silver jewellery which could easily go with a range of styles and aesthetics whilst also being affordable.

“My aim was to target women who wanted to feel confident and beautiful without having to overaccess­orize by implementi­ng just a few of our timeless pieces into their everyday outfits,” said the entreprene­ur.

A year after the release of their Women’s collection, the brand has been getting various responses and requests to include a Men’s jewellery collection which is something that the entreprene­ur is looking to consider and include in the upcoming year.

As an avid jewellery collector and lover herself, the 25-yearold initially found it difficult to find good quality jewellery in the country without having to order them from abroad, which takes away the fun of exploring and picking out the jewellerie­s firsthand.

With this, she thought that it would be a good idea to try and

create her own jewellery brand in the country as she realises that there is definitely a market for it in Brunei.

The business was launched August 2020 and the name itself was inspired by the french word “Gemme” which translates to ‘Gem’ and the founder thought that it would be fun to include a name relating to some of their silver collection­s as they are made of gemstones.

“Honestly, I have had trouble with people pronouncin­g the brand correctly, which has become a recurring joke between my friends and me. I think just as long as it’s memorable, I’m happy with it!” said the founder.

The products are currently split into two collection­s and they are the Gold Jewellery and Silver Jewellery.

From the Silver Collection, there are the classic and timeless pieces which are mostly made of sterling silver 925 or Zirconia Stone diamonds and these pieces are their most expensive items ranging from $30 to $60.

As for their Gold Collection, the designer tends to experiment according to the current trends to keep it fresh and interestin­g for their consumers, so the items usually do not get restocked and they are price ranges from $5 to $30 according to the materials they are made of.

“I wanted Gemme to provide a range of options our customers would go for at any event, be it Hari Raya, weddings or just a casual day out or work,” she added.

The entreprene­ur knew that the jewellery pieces were of good quality and for a good price, she knew that there would be a good market for them in the country for people who wish to look their best without having to splurge so much on some jewels.

Gemme The Label is not the first local jewellery in Brunei but they are one with the most affordable collection pieces.

“I would like to think Gemme The Label stands out in terms of its brand design, simplicity and its overall aesthetic, I rarely see anything similar in other jewelry businesses in Brunei,” said the 25-year-old.

The business is currently a homebased business but customers looking to book a fitting for their jewellery are invited to try them at the founder’s home in Gadong.

As the business grows and with many more customers to come, the label is looking into opening up a physical store one day.

The initial target for the brand is mostly from ages 18 years old to 30 years old and more specifical­ly to women, which is why most of their collection­s are one the feminine side.

“Although, during 2021 I had gotten many requests to bring in more uni-sex items as a lot of my male customers expressed some interest. I started to slowly bring in rings and necklaces that could also be used by men, and fortunatel­y have received good sales,” said the entreprene­ur.

On another note, their Silver Collection has also received the attention of young individual­s as they either buy for themselves or for special occasions such as birthdays, valentines day and there are quite a number of people who buy the jewellerie­s as gifts for their partners.

The accessorie­s can be found sold on their Instagram @ gemmethela­bel where customers can reach them via the direct messages or through their official website, gemmethela­ where items are showcased along with the prices.

The brand has been in business for two years now. The founder is able to analyse the needs and wants of her customers and the products that show little to no movement. With that in mind, the entreprene­ur is planning to bring in a more similar style of jewellery with a twist of new designs.

Gemme The Label is always intending to expand their line of Jewellery and also consistent­ly keep it within the brand’s identity and aesthetic.

Have a look at the designs that have been created by Dania Manan and find out more on their jewellerie­s by visiting their Instagram @gemmethela­bel.

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Image courtesy of Gemme The Label

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