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Kraf Kitani: Sculpting a craft business with polymer clay


Being a self-taught crafter, Amimah Ramlee uses that skill to build her own business of custom-made crafts with Kraf Kitani.

Kraf Kitani was launched in July 2020 as a way for the 23-year-old entreprene­ur to turn her ideas into a reality. She also shared that crafting has helped her relieve the stress from assignment­s and work.

The business sells custom made crafts like jewellerie­s, coasters, keychains and home decor as well as supplying polymer clay to others who would like to do their own crafts.

“Kraf Kitani is formerly known as Kraf Kita which means Our Craft. This change aims to connect back to our roots and identity, and Kraf Kitani suits more as Kitani is a Bruneian unique term,” said the youthprene­ur.

The self-taught crafter has always had an interest in making jewellerie­s. She shared that crafting polymer clay has helped her relax when she was studying as a student in University.

“I remember making and selling bead jewellery when I was 12. The interest sparked back when I discovered polymer clay in 2020,” said the 23-year-old.

‘Kitani’ is inclusive of all types of craftwork. As an entreprene­ur, Amimah had always wanted the platform to be a place for her and everyone else to explore different mediums of crafting..

Another reason the youth started the crafting business was simply to pursue her passion and connect with other creatives in the same line of work.

When Amimah first discovered crafting jewellery with polymer clay on Instagram, she thought that it would be difficult to find the materials in Brunei,even though the polymer clay is a popular product outside the country.

That is when the 23-year-old wanted to make the business for people to have easy access to polymer clay.

Some of the hand-crafted jewelries made from polymer clay that the entreprene­ur is selling include earrings, rings, chains and bracelets and more. Other than that, they have the newly launched home decor section, tile block which is made out of tile, wooden block and quick-dry cement.

“Another new approach that I am trying to make is incorporat­ing Bruneian identity, values and

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