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Brunei Gas Carriers hosts first i-Usahawan graduation with business partners Mortar, MBC


Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC) recently held its first i-Usahawan Graduation ceremony recognisin­g two of their i-Usahawan business partners, Mortar and Munch Brunch Canteen (MBC).

Following three successful years working with BGC under programme, Mortar through their event management services, has supported BGC in organising several notable events including the Maritime Talent Pipeline Achievemen­ts Ceremony (MTPAC), demonstrat­ing a high degree of profession­alism and eagerness to learn the ropes in such a highly competitiv­e industry.

Meanwhile, Munch Brunch Canteen, for the provision of office cleaning and support services, has also demonstrat­ed absolute profession­alism, delivering high standards of work despite the challengin­g COVID-19 situation, to ensure that the office is regularly cleaned and sanitised for the safety of everyone at work.

In her welcoming remarks, BGC’s Contracts & Procuremen­t Manager Pg Dianawaty Pg Matzin said that the company is proud to have played an instrument­al part in both business partners’ developmen­t through the i-Usahawan programme and providing the necessary steppingst­one to enable them to be ready to secure much larger and complex scopes in their

respective industries.

“BGC is proud to continue supporting the growth of the i-Usahawan ecosystem and will continue to provide opportunit­ies for young Bruneians to start and grow their businesses,” she said.

She added: “For this year, BGC has identified three opportunit­ies to be ring-fenced and offered under this programme and we look forward to developing more up and coming Bruneian entreprene­urs.”

The company in a statement hoped that upcoming i-Usahawan participan­ts will also reflect on such developmen­t and be inspired to take advantage of the programme to build and develop their experience­s in small scale businesses, which if taken diligently could help build the skills and capabiliti­es of these SMEs to progress into bigger ventures, serving not just BGC but also companies in other areas of business.

On their part, Mortar said that through the contract, they have gained more exposure for handling corporate events, which increased their portfolio and giving more credibilit­y for the opportunit­y to secure events from other oil and gas companies as well despite the challengin­g past years.

“We have also learned more about the protocols and regulation­s for maintainin­g the right HSE for every setup or installati­on; Or learning the right way of doing Risk Management and/or PTW before even doing a setup,” said the event management company.

It added: “With that, we are also proud to be a member of Brunei Energy Industry Integrity Pact. From all these, we get to learn, thanks to the programme, and indeed this knowledge is very important, very valuable. Not only for setting up purposes, but also in our day-to-day activities and practices.”

Meanwhile, Managing Director of MBC Hjh Haryanie Hj Bujang expressed her appreciati­on for the opportunit­ies gained from the i-Usahawan programme as a new entreprene­ur, allowing her to create jobs for locals at the same time.

“Being new in the industry of course there are challenges when running the contract. Such challenges are having to managed local employees, familiaris­ing HSSE requiremen­ts, meeting client’s requiremen­ts and expectatio­ns and the most challengin­g one is just after a year of being awarded, Brunei was hit with the pandemic,” she said.

She further shared that the company has been awarded a contract with Brunei Shell Petroleum on Provision of Office Cleaning Services for NonHydroca­rbon Assets.

BGC, as part of its local capability developmen­t vision, will continue to support the i-Usahawan ecosystem and provide the right opportunit­ies for young, budding local entreprene­urs, to start and grow their business.

The event was attended by Acting Permanent Secretary of Energy Pg Hj Jamra Weira Pg Hj Petra, Managing Director of BGC Pg Shamhary Pg Dato Paduka Hj Mustapha and ICV Director at Ministryof Energy Romeo Wee Edong as well as BGC employees.

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Images courtesy of Brunei Gas Carriers
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