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Co.Suki: Turning passion for jewellery-making into a colourful success


Rememberin­g her younger days assembling handmade jewellerie­s, Ain Yusra started her homebased business Co.Suki making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decorative items for personal adornment.

The 24-year-old youthprene­ur who is also a flight attendant started the business when the pandemic first hit the sultanate.

With not much going on at that time, she would spend more time browsing through social media platforms where she stumbled upon businesses from across the globe specialisi­ng in handcrafte­d jewellerie­s, further intriguing her interest to know more about the crafts.

For Ain, the idea of starting the business was quite random and spontaneou­s as she never

had the intention to do one but after watching videos online on craftmakin­g, she was enticed with the activity that unlocked her childhood memory.

“At first, I was just making jewellerie­s for myself out of personal interest and I would usually wear them when I hangout with my friends. They would notice the popping colours and suggested to start a business. I had so much time on my hands when the pandemic started and I thought why not, for the fun of it and to cure my boredom,” said Ain.

Running the business on her own from home, she has the occasional helping hands and they are the team that helps her when she needs it, especially during the popup events.

Looking at this as a hobby at first, the youth did not picture it as serious business and that was why she named it Co.Suki.

She felt that it was a name that was not well-thought as she just needed a name at that time and when the business felt serious, she wanted to change it.

“I was planning to come up with a proper name but I feel like maybe I should just leave it as is because my customers and people knew me by Co.Suki already. It turns out suki means ‘a liking or fondness for; it means you love something or have a taste for that thing’ which now makes sense, and I am glad I stick with it,” said the 24-year-old youthprene­ur.

What Co.Suki offers is making colourful beaded jewellery that has a playful vibe and people can add them to their minimal look or amp up their outfit according to their personal style.

The throwback jewellerie­s which are priced from $3 come in different type such as necklaces, rings, hair clips, bracelets, mask straps and sometimes the entreprene­ur plays with raw materials such as clay to make or add into the jewellerie­s.

Moreover, Ain also makes trinket dishes or bowls out of clay for customers to place their accessorie­s.

“All the jewellerie­s that I’ve made are mostly customisab­le and I always try my best to execute my customers’ desired designs. They may also choose each of their preferred beads if they’d like,” said the entreprene­ur.

To make things exciting, they also do gifts and care packages so that the customers have the option if they want to send something to their loved ones. This is one of Ain’s many ideas that she always tries to execute and bring something new to the table.

In the near future, she would love for Co.Suki to be expanding their line of products as the business has allowed the youth to tap into her creative mind, making it into a reality with her goal this year to build a brand.

Even though the concept of Co.Suki may not be something new in the market, they do try to provide an experience for their customers while ensuring that each and every one of her products is made with the most care and more importantl­y, with love.

“I also feel like building connection­s with my customers and the way how I treat them is important because, without them, I would’ve not gone this far,” shared the youth.

Co.Suki mainly markets their products through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok @Co.Suki and most customers would usually drop her a message to place their orders.

“I’ve done a lot of pop-up events in the past year before the second COVID-19 wave at several places which include Yayasan Shopping Complex and The Box as well as cafes and other small spaces. The reception was so good, and everyone had fun,” said the flight attendant.

Moreover, for Ain, what she has gone through was an opportunit­y for her to grow personally and she is fond of her life as an entreprene­ur.

“I always tell this to everyone. Just put your heart into what you’re doing. Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding, exhilarati­ng and interestin­g opportunit­ies you’ll ever get. Whatever you have in mind, just put it out there. Sometimes it could be hard but don’t be afraid to fail because that is where you learn. Go explore more and get inspired. You’ll get the hang of it,” said the craft maker.

She is grateful for where she is now and for the support she received with Co.Suki, feeling to be a part of people’s lives whether big or small, from gifts to a loved one and surprises or even buying as a form of self-love and care.

“Ever since I started this journey, I have learned a lot and I’ve met a lot of interestin­g people. I get to explore my creative side that I never knew I had and allow me to share it with everyone,” said the youth entreprene­ur.

See the bright and colourful products that the entreprene­ur has made herself by going through the gallery of photos they have on their Instagram @Co.Suki.

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