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Progresif prepares 200 meals with Social Kitchen Community


The first out of two groups of volunteers from Progresif recently took part participat­ed in the annual Social Kitchen Community initiative which was held at Crust & Crumbs Kitchen Serusop.

The Social Kitchen Community enables low-income families, particular­ly single mothers, to cook and sell home-cooked meals at events or donations throughout Brunei.

The initiative is a social venture that seeks to find specific skills for the socioecono­mically challenged that can be transforme­d into entreprene­urship.

Chief Executive Officer of Progresif Hajah Nurul Haniah Haji Jaafar along with Progresif staff, assisted in the preparatio­n of 200 packed meals for distributi­on to low socioecono­mic communitie­s.

The second group of Progresif volunteers will continue to help the following week, providing a total of 400 prepared meals for distributi­on in the“This year, SCOT’s Social Kitchen Community initiative is aiming for a #4000mealsc­hallenge to be distribute­d throughout Ramadan. Progresif has accepted this challenge and is inviting other institutio­ns and cooperatio­n to do the same. Through our CSR, we will continue to provide a helping hand in support of the community endeavours,” said the ceo in a statement.

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