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Charity project Jiwaku Ikhlas brings smiles to orphans


Kris Karmila Kreations and Krispy Krunchiez recently hosted the 13th installmen­t of the company’s charity project, “Jiwaku Ikhlas”.

This year’s charity project involved a channel of assistance for orphans studying at Brunei Malay Teachers Associatio­n (PGGMB) School.

Recipients received items such as Hari Raya snacks, clothing, footwear, fragrant rice, daily sustenance items and facemasks as well as $200 cash donation.

The contributi­ons were made by the Kris Karmila Kreations Co., Krispy Krunchiez and the general public.

Moreover, the event also hosted a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony involving some 35 teachers and staff of PGGMB School.

The organiser also handed over 35 gift boxes including masks, food, drinks and candied dates to the participan­ts in the Khatam AlQuran ceremony.

Founder of Kris Karmila

Kreations and the charity project, Hjh Karmila Hj Sapar hopes that this meaningful project can continue with the support and help of all parties.

As of today, Hjh Karmila indicated that the charity project has successful­ly provided assistance to more than 2,000 local communitie­s in need comprising of underprivi­leged families and foreign workers affected by unemployme­nt.

The charity project has helped people with different abilities, single mothers, special needs children, orphans, victims of house fire and other groups, including distributi­ng donations to frontliner­s, she added.

The handover ceremony was held at the Brunei Malay Teachers Associatio­n PGGMB School in Sungai Akar and witnessed by Ambassador Extraordin­ary and Plenipoten­tiary of the Republic of Iran Homeira Rigi Zirouki, and PGGMB School Principal Hj Ali @ Mustapha Hj Talip.

Interested individual­s who want to participat­e in the contributi­on can contact 7171488 for further arrangemen­ts. -

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