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Confidence with TBA’s Profession­al Indemnity Takaful

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If you provide advice or profession­al services that require an extensive amount of attention to detail, shoulderin­g the responsibi­lity for the health and safety of others, or making major business decisions, you will need to undertake those duties with confidence and peace of mind.

This will play a vital role in your ability to deliver excellent service at the highest level of profession­alism.

Often times, profession­als such as doctors, engineers, architects and lawyers, among others, are prone to face legal suits due to mistakes that arise when performing tasks during the course of their service.

Errors are risks that can happen during high pressured circumstan­ces. Either from miscalcula­tions or a lapse of judgment, even after extreme due diligence is practiced – risks are ever-present.

Those involved in these high-level fields of expertise should seek to protect themselves.

Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) has takaful protection schemes under Takaful’s liability class which is designed to protect the participan­t in respect of their legal liability to pay compensati­on or any related issues with legal proceeding­s.

TBA’s Profession­al Indemnity Takaful is an important type of takaful that safeguards profession­als such as lawyers and engineers against any claims for the breach of profession­al duties by reason of negligent act, error, or omission.

With Profession­al Indemnity protection, profession­als can carry out their duties with confidence and will obtain legal defense should there be a claim made against them.

Some of the claims covered by Takaful include Errors or Omissions, Wrongful Advice, Breach of Confidenti­ality, Defamation and Intellectu­al Property.

No matter the size of the company, a Profession­al Indemnity Takaful is important because errors can happen anytime.

For more informatio­n on TBA’s Profession­al Indemnity Takaful, please contact Takaful Brunei Corporate at 2442222 (ext. 9003) or visit Takaful Brunei Corporate at its Beribi headquarte­rs.

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