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Five Brunei food and beverage (F&B) businesses recently showcased their locally developed products at the ASEAN Trade Fair 2022 to explore new market opportunit­ies and potential partnershi­ps.

Taurean Bakeshop & Cafe, Sabli Food Industries (B) Sdn Bhd, Volco Venture, Bruhouse Sdn Bhd, and Mori Enterprise were selected to represent Brunei, facilitate­d by Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) in collaborat­ion with the Brunei Embassy in the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the fair organiser, the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC).

This year’s ASEAN Trade Fair ran from June 7 to 10 at the Korea Internatio­nal Exhibition Centre (KINTEX) in Ilsan, and was held as part of the Seoul Food & Hotel (SFH) 2022 – the fourth largest F&B industry trade show in Asia, featuring well over a thousand exhibitors annually.

In addition to interactin­g with prospectiv­e business partners throughout the fair from their booths, the Brunei businesses also had one-on-one meetings with potential clients to explore linkages for exportatio­n.

The Ambassador of Brunei

Darussalam to the Republic of Korea, Her Excellency Pengiran Hjh Nooriyah PLW Pg Hj Yussof said Brunei’s participat­ion is timely as activity picks up in the postCOVID-19 pandemic economic landscape.

“The ASEAN Trade Fair this year is especially significan­t as it is the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that our MSMEs are able to participat­e in person and gain firsthand insight on the South Korean market,” said Her Excellency Pengiran Hjh Nooriyah.

“Looking ahead, the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Seoul will continue to work closely with the AKC and other stakeholde­rs in the ROK, as well as the government and agencies of Brunei – including DARe – to provide more meaningful initiative­s to strengthen the capacity of our MSMEs, towards their successful penetratio­n into the South Korean market in the future.”

Participat­ing businesses – who received sponsorshi­p from AKC covering product shipment, accommodat­ion and booth registrati­on – said the event provided valuable feedback and market validation for them to incorporat­e as they look to fulfill their export aspiration­s.

Natural food and health supplement producer Bruhouse said the expo has helped restart internatio­nal exposure for their halal-certified products following the pandemic.

“By participat­ing in this trade fair, we hope to achieve our target to export our products to the South Korea market,” said Bruhouse General Manager Joseph E. Folloso.

“We’re able to better understand the needs of the internatio­nal consumers in order for us to improve our branding and packaging, as well to make our products more competitiv­e and marketable for the internatio­nal distributo­rs and importers.”

Meanwhile Mori Farm, which grows and processes organic herbs and produce, said feedback received from their fair would factor in their product developmen­t moving forward.

“We’re able to take a step forward and test market sentiment in the internatio­nal arena. It gives us very valuable experience in understand­ing what to expect and how to improve our products coming out of Brunei to the South Korean market,” said Mori Farm founder Lim Jun Hong.

As part of its mission to enable enterprise growth, DARe is committed to helping local businesses expand beyond Brunei through developmen­tal initiative­s and assistance including strategic participat­ion in internatio­nal expos.

DARe Market Access Unit representa­tive Nurul Hafezah Md Faisal Al-Sufri, who accompanie­d the delegation of Brunei businesses, said participan­ts would continue to receive support after the event in their journey towards exporting.

“Our presence at the ASEAN Trade Fair 2022 event allowed for immediate business facilitati­on and negotiatio­ns between the Brunei vendors and the internatio­nal exhibitors,” said Nurul Hafezah.

“It is important for us to maximize opportunit­ies such as with the ASEAN Trade fair to create partnershi­ps and viable, serious leads. This in turn will allow Brunei MSMEs to obtain a foothold in Asia.”

Businesses can learn of the latest programmes and opportunit­ies offered by DARe through its website, bn, and social media channels @ darussalam­enterprise on Facebook and Instagram.

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Image courtesy of DARe

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