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Asia’s smartest gym –GoFit–debuts in Singapore


Gym goers and fitness enthusiast­s of all levels can rejoice at the debut of a new high value, low price (HVLP) gym brand in Singapore, GoFit, which is sure to lend more vibrancy to the local fitness scene. No-frills and fuss-free, GoFit is guided by its brand values of Smart, Bold, and Invigorati­ng, and promises members a smart new way to train using its technology-driven approach to staffing, access, and working out. Prices start from a jaw-dropping $88 per month with no prepay or joining fee.

GoFit is a new gym concept developed by Asia’s largest health club operator Evolution Wellness Group (Evolution Wellness), whose portfolio also includes popular gym brand Fitness First. GoFit makes its debut in Singapore through Evolution Wellness’s global licensing programme. Singapore’s pioneer GoFit gym opened in Geylang in early May, while another location at Changi, Singapore will open its doors this October. Another variant of GoFit is also slated to open in Brisbane, Australia, in October.

Marc Lorenzi, CEO of FitBiz Pte Ltd and licensee for GoFit Geylang, said, “We are very excited to be partnering with Asia’s leading Fitness and Wellness operator Evolution Wellness. We believe in the thriving High Value Low Price market and our ambition is to allow fitness to be affordable and fun for as many people as possible. When we saw the concept of GoFit, we knew that this fitness offering was built for the future. The technology, seamless member experience and value for money provided to members made partnering with GoFit an easy choice. We are very glad to be able to bring this amazing product to the people in Singapore.”

GoFit Geylang is a state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar investment in the heart of Geylang. With its distinct six-story building and colourful, eye-catching façade, GoFit welcomes all levels of gym goers, from the new-to-fitness clients, to the more serious fitness lover. It aims to serve the local community with an affordable and comprehens­ive fitness experience., with not only best in class cardio, strength and weights equipment, but also cinema quality virtual workouts, individual smart fitness mirrors, fitness assessment­s, and Hydromassa­geTM at the chillout rooftop.

“We’re here to showcase that affordable doesn’t mean low quality or low tech. Whether you’re a secondary school student who’s just starting your journey with fitness, to the seasoned fitness enthusiast, through to the older population who want to stay fit in retirement, there’s bound to be something to cater to your interest and fitness level. While our location may raise some eyebrows, we feel that GoFit’s presence in the vibrant neighbourh­ood of Geylang

is our contributi­on in line with the government’s efforts to rezone the area to allow more commercial and institutio­nal activities,” continued Marc.

Siti Nurin, Director & Head of Operations at Fitness Capital Pte Ltd and licensee for GoFit Changi, concurred. “The recent Covid-19 pandemic shone the spotlight on the need to stay fit and healthy, but with inflation putting the squeeze on household spending, some people may feel the need to sacrifice or cut back on expenses. GoFit’s no-frills model and flexible membership structure gives people a good, comprehens­ive fitness experience at great value.”

GoFit access is gained through an app for increased security and convenienc­e, no access card is needed. A self-managed membership system makes it easy for members to purchase add-on services such as a session on a HydroMassa­ge Lounger1, or a FitQuest fitness assessment­2. Members can also participat­e in a Signature GoFit

workout3, SuperCircu­itTM; work out to over a thousand scheduled or on-demand digital classes, as well as stream their own workouts onto the smart fitness mirrors screens in the MyGoZoneTM­4.

Don’t wait or hesitate, get fit with GoFit today.

 ?? ?? The team behind Singapore’s pioneer GoFit gym - GoFit Geylang. (L- R) Lee Wan Xin, Marc Lorenzi, and Affandy Rasid. Not pictured: Jason Lai. Image courtesy of GoFit
The team behind Singapore’s pioneer GoFit gym - GoFit Geylang. (L- R) Lee Wan Xin, Marc Lorenzi, and Affandy Rasid. Not pictured: Jason Lai. Image courtesy of GoFit
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