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While the journey wasn’t easy and required patience and effort, the founder doesn’t regret starting the business.

“Looking back, I also invested money to ensure my brand would be known; joining numerous wedding fairs for exposure and boosting our social media platforms.”

He added that support from his parents and family members as well as advice from his mentors and fellow experience­d photograph­ers played a huge part in the company’s success.

“Initially my parents weren’t too keen on me delving into this business but after explaining to them how it works and how this would be an opportunit­y to provide employment for others, they understood my vision and I’m very thankful for their prayers.”

With the rising popularity of his brand and growing team, Mohd Lutfi encourages others to join the industry, advising aspiring photograph­ers to start.

“I know and understand how hard it is but I believe that as long as we’re sincere in our work and do our best for the clients, we can grow to become the best and who knows, you can also build your own company.”

“Remember, don’t be arrogant, you never know who is going to support you when things go wrong. Always believe that there are opportunit­ies (rezeki) out there for you.”

Mohd Lutfi hopes to expand his company further while growing with the team to turn wedding dreams into reality and gift clients with memories that last a lifetime.

For any enquiries, interested customers can visit their Instagram page

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