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Thirty individual­s roll up sleeves for a good cause


Atotal of 30 pints of blood was collected during a blood donation organised by GHK Motors in collaborat­ion with the Blood Donation Centre, RIPAS Hospital at the GHK Motors Headquarte­r showroom in Beribi.

Marketing Executive of GHK Ahmad Faezul Imtiaz Adam said that blood donation is part of the company’s social responsibi­lity which aims to provide support and importance to the community in need of blood.

According to Ahmad, it was not the first time for the company to conduct a blood donation drive. It has hosted several blood donations in the past few years.

He added that GHK also plans to conduct Blood donation drives at least twice a year as their Corporate social responsibi­lity activity.

He further shared that the response to the event has been very encouragin­g, banding members of various communitie­s together to roll their sleeves for a good cause including their own employees and staff members.

In addition to that, the event also saw a positive increase in people registerin­g for the blood donation drive beforehand.

He further added that the initiative was held in response to reports of a low supply of blood at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital Blood Bank, which prompted authoritie­s to issue calls for donors.

For Ahmad, being able to donate blood is a blessing as this is his first pint of blood just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. He recommends that others should start donating blood.

“We believe that it’s a good cause to help people in need, especially for those who are in need of blood,” he said.

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