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com­pany was the third in terms of to­tal rev­enue in the over­all TOP 100 com­pa­nies rank­ing.

Au­ru­bis Bul­garia is the sec­ond best per­former among Bul­gar­ian com­pa­nies, rank­ing at the 10th place in terms of rev­enue per capita in 2011, up from the 17th po­si­tion it held a year ear­lier.

Ro­ma­nia’s oil and gas group OMV Petrom, the leader of the TOP 100, was 31st on the per capita list but was the best per­former among the five Ro­ma­nian com­pa­nies on the list.

Petrom’s sub­sidiary, OMV Petrom Mar­ket­ing, also per­formed well and ranked 40th in the per-capita league. Ser­bia and Mon­tene­gro have eight com­pa­nies in the per­capita rank­ing each. Mace­do­nia fol­lows with seven com­pa­nies.

Mon­tene­grin power com­pany Elek­tro­privreda Crne Gore is in the ninth po­si­tion with 426.3 euro in rev­enue per capita, down from 472.4 euro a year ear­lier.

Mace­do­nian oil re­fin­ery Okta climbed three po­si­tions in the 2011 rank­ing from the 20th place in the 2010 chart. Its rev­enue per capita grew to 323 euro in 2011 from 247.5 euro a year ear­lier.

Ser­bia’s best per­former was oil com­pany Naftna In­dutrija Sr­bije, placed 22nd in terms of rev­enue per capita and ninth in the main rank­ing.

Two com­pa­nies from each Bos­nia and Herze­gov­ina and Al­ba­nia and one from Moldova en­tered the 2011 rev­enueper-capita rank­ing. Elek­tro­privreda BiH is the best among the Bos­nian com­pa­nies, oc­cu­py­ing the 64th po­si­tion, down from the 57th a year ear­lier.

Al­ba­nian power dis­trib­u­tor and re­tailer CEZ Sh­pern­darje is the leader among the com­pa­nies from that coun­try. Its rev­enue per capita rose to 116.8 euro in 2011 from 94.1 euro a year ear­lier.

Gas util­ity Moldovagaz is the sole com­pany from Moldova on the list, rank­ing 96th with a rev­enue per capita of 80.7 euro in 2011.

In a break­down by sec­tor, en­ergy com­pa­nies dom­i­nate the TOP 100 per capita in 2011. TOP 100 per capita is a rank­ing based on the same pool of 1,200 com­pa­nies as in TOP 100 com­pa­nies. The rank­ing is com­piled by di­vid­ing the to­tal rev­enue in euro of each com­pany by the pop­u­la­tion es­ti­mate in the coun­try of reg­is­tra­tion. This bench­mark in­di­cates the im­por­tance of in­di­vid­ual com­pa­nies for the lo­cal economies.

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