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Coral reefs sup­port ar­ti­sanal, na­tional, and in­ter­na­tional fish­eries, with hun­dreds of mil­lions of peo­ple world­wide re­ly­ing on fish­eries for food and as a pri­mary source of in­come. Last year, over 80 mil­lion tons of fish was col­lected from the ocean. Over­fish­ing, es­pe­cially the loss of al­gae-eat­ing fish such as par­rot­fish, con­tin­ues to be a threat to coral reefs.

Along with over­fish­ing, de­struc­tive fish­ing tech­niques like the use of dy­na­mite can se­verely dam­age a coral reef. This re­duces the amount of habit and space for ju­ve­nile fish to hide.

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