Lit­tle Chil­dren, Big Heroes

Asian Diver (English) - - What Bubbled - By: Eve Young, ADEX Am­bas­sador for Chil­dren’s Ed­u­ca­tion EVE YOUNG is a free­lance writer, Sea Shep­herd’s coral-breed­ing in­struc­tor, the am­bas­sador for Swarovski Op­tics, head of Swarovski Marine Con­ser­va­tion Ed­u­ca­tion Pro­gram and founder of the Miss V sea M

As the head of Swarovski Marine Con­ser­va­tion Ed­u­ca­tion in Greater China, my vi­sion has al­ways been to ed­u­cate the next gen­er­a­tion on the im­por­tance of marine con­ser­va­tion. The chil­dren of to­day are the fu­ture guardians of the ocean, and nour­ish­ing them with the cor­rect guid­ance and teach­ings is like plant­ing a seed in their hearts.

Through work­shops out­side the class­room, chil­dren are brought out to ex­pe­ri­ence the beauty of Nature, while also un­der­stand­ing the prob­lems that Nature is suf­fer­ing from. See­ing the an­i­mals that are un­der threat and wit­ness­ing the dan­gers of marine de­bris opens their eyes to en­vi­ron­men­tal is­sues in a way no other ed­u­ca­tional ma­te­rial can.

Marine de­bris will be a great threat to the Earth’s en­vi­ron­ment for many years to come. Ninety per­cent of marine waste comes from plas­tic, and plas­tic waste is now harm­ing us at an av­er­age an­nual cost of more than USD13 bil­lion. More than

400 species across the planet are threat­ened by plas­tic waste, and one in 10 are on the brink of ex­tinc­tion.

The in­ter­con­nected marine ecosys­tems will only con­tinue to break down as more species face dev­as­tat­ing re­duc­tions in their num­bers.

Chil­dren are so im­por­tant in stop­ping this dire chain of events. At Swarovski Marine Con­ser­va­tion Ed­u­ca­tion, we carry out boot camps where chil­dren learn how to sort trash, avoid us­ing plas­tic bags, and adopt the habit of car­ry­ing metal straws and wa­ter bot­tles. By shar­ing their knowl­edge with their own fam­i­lies, these lit­tle chil­dren can be­come big heroes who will one day save the planet.

ABOVE: Eve Young con­duct­ing a work­shop on marine con­ser­va­tion ABOVE LEFT: A child’s art­work re­quest­ing us to be friends with the sea by treat­ing it with re­spect Eve Young IMAGES:

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