The Best-Sell­ing Pocket-Sized Cam­era: Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II

Asian Diver (English) - - News - By: Wil­liam Tan

On my last trip to Lom­bok, In­done­sia, I had the priv­i­lege of test­ing out the Canon Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II on a cou­ple of projects. This easy-to-use com­pact cam­era proved to be a wor­thy com­pan­ion un­der­wa­ter, pro­duc­ing some fan­tas­tic shots with the help of an ex­ter­nal strobe and a close-up lens.

I par­tic­u­larly liked the well-thought-out place­ment of the con­trols. While the cramped er­gonomics of some cam­eras makes it dif­fi­cult to ad­just set­tings un­der­wa­ter, the but­tons and di­als of the Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II are eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble, even when the cam­era is in a hous­ing.

Some pho­tog­ra­phers doubt the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of a com­pact cam­era, but I found that its small size came with its own ad­van­tages, es­pe­cially when pho­tograph­ing macro sub­jects.

On one of our dives, we found a cowrie mov­ing on its gor­gonian host. When shoot­ing such tiny sub­jects on large corals, it is al­ways im­por­tant to avoid con­tact with the sub­ject and its sur­round­ings. The pocket-sized Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II in its equally com­pact hous­ing made it ex­tremely easy to ap­proach the cowrie with­out hav­ing to worry about the setup touch­ing, and dam­ag­ing, the gor­gonian. To com­pen­sate for the yel­low hue that typ­i­cally oc­curs when com­pacts get up close to macro sub­jects, I sim­ply ad­justed the white bal­ance to­wards blue.

Sim­i­larly, the size of the Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II al­lowed me to get very close to a shrimp on a tube worm with­out cre­at­ing wa­ter move­ments that would frighten it. I was con­cerned that the cam­era’s aut­o­fo­cus might lock onto the tube worm back­ground, so I switched to the en­larged man­ual fo­cus screen, which made fo­cus­ing on the shrimp’s eyes a breeze.

On an­other dive, I en­coun­tered a tiny green snail on a sea­grass blade. I was sur­prised at how well the Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II coped with the low-con­trast scene, eas­ily fo­cus­ing on the snail against the sim­i­larly coloured back­ground. The cam­era’s con­tin­u­ous aut­o­fo­cus even ac­cu­rately tracked the snail as it moved, al­low­ing me to cap­ture a clean shot. The re­sult­ing de­tails in the im­age are no less im­pres­sive than those from a DSLR.

The Canon Pow­er­Shot G7 X Mark II is ideal for divers who want a small, in­tu­itive setup for cap­tur­ing a range of marine sub­jects. Cou­pled with a high-qual­ity close-up lens, the cam­era is a se­ri­ous con­tender for macro pho­tog­ra­phers look­ing for an eco­nom­i­cal travel op­tion that’s ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing high-qual­ity images.

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