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Also known as an­gler­fish in Aus­tralia. Their stocky, plump, high-backed, un­stream­lined body is scale­less and bare, of­ten cov­ered with bumpy, bi­fur­cated spin­ules. They have short bod­ies with 18 to 23 ver­te­brae and mouths pointed up­ward with palatal teeth. Of­ten bright coloured to blend into co­ral sur­round­ings. Name : (var­i­ous gen­era) An­ten­nar­ius, An­ten­na­tus, Fow­lerichthys, Histrio, Nu­di­anten­nar­ius

Fam­ily : An­ten­nari­idae

Size : Range from 2.5 to 38 cen­time­tres long

Habi­tat : Found in trop­i­cal and sub­trop­i­cal re­gions of the At­lantic, Pa­cific and In­dian Oceans and the Red Sea. Sur­face tem­per­a­ture of wa­ters where they are is usu­ally 20 de­grees Cel­sius or higher. Found gen­er­ally on the ocean floor around co­ral or rock reefs up to 100 me­tres deep Be­hav­iour : Cam­ou­flages it­self to hide from preda­tors and some­times to mimic a po­ten­tial meal to its prey. Can re­sem­ble stones or corals with un­usual shape, colour and skin tex­tures. Many can change their colour. They don’t move much, pre­fer­ring to lie on the sea floor and wait for prey. They ap­proach prey slowly us­ing pec­toral and pelvic fins to walk along the floor. Younger frog­fish can pro­pel them­selves for­ward like a jet by rhyth­mi­cally forc­ing their breath-wa­ter out through their gill open­ings

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