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GHOST PIPEFISH Also known as the or­nate ghost pipefish or false pipefish. Name comes from the Greek word, para­doxos, re­fer­ring to the fish’s un­usual ex­ter­nal fea­tures. Varies in colour from red, yel­low to black and are al­most trans­par­ent.

Name Fam­ily Size Habi­tatBe­hav­iour : Solenos­to­mus para­doxus: Solenos­to­mi­dae: Can grow to 12 cen­time­tres long : Found in West­ern Pa­cific and In­dian Oceans along reef edges: Of­ten well-cam­ou­flaged among branches of gor­goni­ans (sea fans or sea whips), in float­ing weeds or crinoids where they eat mysids and small ben­thic shrimp. Can ap­pear by them­selves or in pairs

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