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Car­ni­vore and de­tri­ti­vore – an an­i­mal which feeds on dead or­ganic mat­ter like de­com­pos­ing plant and an­i­mal parts as well as fae­ces. Eats par­a­sites on its hosts, al­gae and any small meaty foods like smaller shrimp or fry dis­turbed by its host. Also looks for food from sub­strate like de­com­pos­ing plant and an­i­mal parts.

Name Fam­ily Size Habi­tatBe­hav­iour : Per­i­climenes im­per­a­tor: Palae­monidae: Can grow up to 1.9 cen­time­tres long : Seen through­out trop­i­cal In­dian and Pa­cific Oceans. Lives on sur­face of its host. Can be found in wa­ters as deep as 45 me­tres (148 feet). Can be found any­where its hosts are, such as slopes, reef flats, la­goons and bays. Lives on the seabed as it likes to for­age for food among the sand or sub­strate on the ocean floor: By liv­ing on its host, gets pro­tected from preda­tors and can eat par­a­sites on its host. Moves con­stantly up and down its host

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