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Also known as the bigfin reef squid or oval squid, they have thick and mus­cu­lar oval fins that ex­tend around al­most their en­tire man­tle. They have iri­dophores (es­pe­cially in the head) that emit irides­cent metal­lic greens and reds when il­lu­mi­nated. They have leu­cophores – a re­flec­tortype struc­tural coloura­tion that re­flects am­bi­ent light, i.e., they are white in white light, green in green light. They are able to pro­duce com­plex body pat­terns from the mo­ment they hatch.

: Se­pi­o­teuthis lesso­ni­ana: Lolig­inidae: Range from 3.8 to 33 cen­time­tres long: Found in tem­per­ate and trop­i­cal wa­ters ofPa­cific and In­dian Oceans: It’s dif­fi­cult to dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween male and fe­male squid but males have a hec­to­coty­lus on the fourth arm while fe­males have nida­men­tal glands and pale ovaries. They have elab­o­rate mat­ing dis­plays.Young reef squid will stay close to­gether but do not swim par­al­lel to each other Name Fam­ily Size Habi­tatBe­hav­iour

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