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Dis­tin­guished by black blotches in their guts, clearly vis­i­ble through their trans­par­ent, scale­less skin. They are bot­tom dwelling bony fish that have slen­der, some­what cylin­dri­cal bod­ies and heads that look like lizards. The dor­sal fin is lo­cated in the mid­dle of the back and is ac­com­pa­nied by a small adi­pose fin that is close to its tail. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth, even on the tongue.

Name Fam­ily Size Habi­tatBe­hav­iour : (var­i­ous gen­era) Harpadon, Sau­rida, Syn­odus, Trachinocephalus : Syn­odon­ti­dae: Can grow up to 60 cen­time­tres long: Found in shal­low trop­i­cal and sub­trop­i­cal wa­ters around the world, no more than400 me­tres (1,300 feet) deep: Cam­ou­flages it­self in sandy en­vi­ron­ments. It hides be­neath the sand and is ca­pa­ble of rapidly swim­ming more than five me­tres to cap­ture its prey. It is ter­ri­to­rial. Feeds on small pe­lagic, gre­gar­i­ous fish

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