Asian Diver (English)



Upon surfacing, the diver had no apparent issues. However, one hour later, while resting in his bed at the hotel, he started to feel as though the room was spinning. This was followed by an episode of vomiting. A few minutes later, he also developed a tingling sensation in both of his hands.

He informed the dive resort of his symptoms, was put on oxygen for 20 minutes via nasal cannula with no relief and was taken to a nearby hospital by road. Requiring further treatment, the diver was transferre­d to another hospital (also by road and approximat­ely 90 minutes in duration) for higher level care including further evaluation and management. (Note: A nasal cannula provides insufficie­nt oxygen for managing a diving accident: At a flow rate of only 1-6 litres per minute, the percentage of oxygen inspired is quite low at 24 to 44 percent.)

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