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“Be like wa­ter mak­ing its way through cracks. Do not be as­sertive, but ad­just to the ob­ject, and you shall find a way round or through it. If noth­ing within you stays rigid, out­ward things will dis­close them­selves. Empty your mind, be form­less, shape­less, like wa­ter. If you put wa­ter into a cup, it be­comes the cup. You put wa­ter into a bot­tle and it be­comes the bot­tle. You put it in a teapot it be­comes the teapot. Now, wa­ter can flow or it can crash. Be wa­ter, my friend” – Bruce Lee

The Ja­panese tea cer­e­mony is a med­i­ta­tive chore­og­ra­phy of pur­pose­ful, lit­tle move­ments that demon­strate re­spect through eti­quette and grace. The swift, con­trolled twirls of the wrist whisk­ing the tea brush rhyth­mi­cally around the in­ner cir­cum­fer­ence of the cup, the sub­tle quar­ter turn of the cup – these stud­ied move­ments, which take years to mas­ter, par­al­lel the del­i­cate tech­niques that muck divers and un­der­wa­ter macro pho­tog­ra­phers have to em­ploy in or­der to wit­ness the beauty of Na­ture’s tini­est ma­rine crea­tures in their hid­den habi­tats.

In this is­sue of Asian Diver, we’ve combed through the dif­fer­ent lay­ers that are found in the muck. Whether it’s the plas­tic trash that has made its way into the oceans from pol­luted rivers that now pro­vides shel­ter for crit­ters like oc­to­puses, the ar­ti­fi­cial tyre reefs hu­mans have cre­ated to at­tract ma­rine wildlife that may be do­ing more harm than good, or the diminu­tive ma­rine or­gan­isms like the al­gae shrimp and the “Shaun the Sheep” nudi­branch that live on the al­gae found on the seabed – we’ve pored over the minu­tiae of the muck and its in­hab­i­tants to un­der­stand what makes this type of div­ing so thrilling.

So take a break from the blue wa­ter and the vi­brant colours of the reef, and have your muck stick at the ready. There’s a cap­ti­vat­ing cast of crit­ters just wait­ing to be un­earthed

As­so­ciate edi­tor,

Wayne Jones

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