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Miaja Gallery Presents teamlab

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Miaja Gallery, in collaborat­ion with Ikkan Art Gallery, presents A Permanent Exhibition: Digital Art by teamlab. Inspired by themes about nature, life cycles, and the infinite movement of particles, digital art works such as ‘Waves of Light’ and ‘Impermanen­t Life’ by teamlab tell stories that resonate deep within the human essence. Isabelle Miaja, founder of MIAJA Gallery noted: “I have followed teamlab’s amazing artworks in almost every country; from Paris to Tokyo to Singapore, and each of their Art Installati­ons never failed to awaken the childlike wonderment that lies within me, and in every one of us. These works grace many museums, and we are delighted to offer you the opportunit­y bring one of these numbered editions into your own homes. teamlab has been writing a new chapter of art history, establishi­ng themselves as a leader of new ‘experience art’.”

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