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“Resort towns can be a bit soulless, but Queenstown is a diverse, creative, caring community, a place the seasonal worker seems to feel inspired to become a citizen,” Walmsley says. Best meal? “Asparagus soup at Sherwood Queenstown, made of produce picked with chef Kane Bambery that morning. Fresh, simple and absolutely delicious.” And good hiking fuel: “On a tip from a local barman, I started my ascent up Roys Peak at about 3 a.m. All I saw on the trail were a few bleary-eyed sheep, before sharing sunrise with several hardy souls who had camped out at the summit.” Instagram: @stu_walmsley. —

Sachasinh returned to India to hike the Himalayas with Village Ways, a program that “provides viable income in a situation where it is difficult to earn money. Villagers learn English and skills like field botany, guiding, tracking.

It is a rare opportunity for women to work outside the home. In a highly regulated caste system, where there is little upward mobility or opportunity to interact with others beyond your own village, this is a big leap. Going back to the region was familiar. It was fun to chat and joke in Hindi. Rural India still feels lodged in the past; I felt like I had gone back in time.” Instagram: @b438.

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