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(; mains from NZ$10) and a Queenstown resident of nine years.

Docherty is indicative of many Queenstown “locals,” a rather arbitrary term in this part of the world. The resort town’s modern-day pioneers are as international as the original cast of the 19th century and form a surprisingly tight-knit community servicing the steady flow of adventurers, selfie-stick wielding tour groups and holidaying antipodean families.

The Scandinavian miners who introduced skiing to the region 150 years ago would be delighted to see the snow sport center it has now become, but likely be quite befuddled by the recent explosion in mountain biking that has helped make shoulder seasons a thing of the past.

“It used to be just winter when you saw the casts and ankle injuries, but now it’s all year around,” laughs Rae Ellis, co-owner of

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