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Noth­ing, but noth­ing gets the blood flow­ing through our tiny brains and saliva pour­ing out of our toothy grins like the sound and feel of a per­for­mance ex­haust sys­tem… it gets even bet­ter if it’s strapped to a mo­tor that can use it. The prob­lem is find­ing a com­plete sys­tem that won’t make us look like the lame dad who’s try­ing to keep “cool” when pick­ing up the kids, but still al­lows us to hear all 350+ hp of our Dodge echo through the build­ings down­town.

We searched long and hard for a com­plete air man­age­ment sys­tem from in­take to tailpipe that has the sweet sound of a hot rod tire shred­der and gains us a few ex­tra horse­power at the same time. Corsa pro­vides a com­plete cold air in­take sys­tem and a full stain­less steel cat-back ex­haust de­signed to bolt in with only hand tools and an empty car­port.

Start­ing with the Cold Air In­duc­tion sys­tem, the heavy walled plas­tic parts and use of the fac­tory mounts were a nice change from some of the hack-and-slash sys­tems we’ve used in the past. What re­ally im­pressed us was the Don­ald­son Pow­erCore dry flow air fil­ter. Don­ald­son is a name pri­mar­ily used in heavy in­dus­tries like air com­pres­sors and large dis­place­ment en­gines. The Pow­erCore fil­ter it­self is a unique piece as the air is fun­neled down through many small tubes and through the fil­ter me­dia. They are ca­pa­ble of hold­ing al­most two-times the dirt of a con­ven­tional fil­ter of the same size. The fil­ters can also be cleaned - once they even­tu­ally fill up - at a num­ber of pro­fes­sional fil­ter clean­ing com­pa­nies for a few clams while you wait. The blue colour is a spe­cial layer that is put on their top shelf fil­ter units. Blue nanofibers at­tract the smaller dust par­ti­cles that the main me­dia could miss.

The en­tire ex­haust sys­tem is North Amer­i­can made; from the Cana­dian made stain­less steel pip­ing, to the USA fabbed and brushed stain­less muf­fler. Our sys­tem starts right where the fac­tory garbage can sized muf­fler starts with a sin­gle 3-in pipe in and dual 2.5-in ex­its. With­out any baf­fling or pad­ding in the muf­fler, there are no com­po­nents to break down over time mean­ing the sys­tem will sound and per­form the same at km 0 as it does 200,000 km from now, and will still be in the same shape.

In­stal­la­tion con­sisted of lub­ing the fac­tory rub­ber hang­ers with Pro­Long and slid­ing the sys­tem to­gether. The stain­less band clamps se­cure the sys­tem in leak-free fash­ion once you put some Never Seez on their bolts. This is the first ex­haust sys­tem where we didn’t have to tweak, tap, bend, grind, maul or mu­ti­late any piece to get it all to fit. It was as sim­ple as bot­tom out ev­ery tube, set the tips where we liked them,

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