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AS WE RE­PORTED LAST IS­SUE, Canada’s own Aldo Rac­ing has de­cided to sit out the Dakar Rally in favour of tak­ing their Toy­ota Rally Raid Tacoma… cough, cough… Hilux… to the freshly re­vived Silk Way Rally this July. One would sur­mise that this would seem like an odd choice, to sit out the worlds most fa­mous and ar­du­ous marathon rally for a rel­a­tive startup. How­ever, now that we have a lit­tle more in­for­ma­tion on the Silk Way Rally, we can see why Aldo Rac­ing made the choice they did.

Since leav­ing its Euro-African home back in 2009, the Dakar Rally has be­gun to lose its lus­ter. It’s been miss­ing a cer­tain sense of ad­ven­ture that was linked to the Sa­hara, and now it seems as though the Silk Way could rise to be­come the show­case event in the Rally Raid cal­en­dar.

Af­ter a two-year hia­tus, the Silk Way Rally is mak­ing a re­turn in a big way. Pre­vi­ous years saw the rally mostly run in­side Rus­sia, how­ever, or­gan­is­ers have an­nounced the route for the 2016 edi­tion, and it’s a mon­ster. The rally will now live up to its name, stretch­ing from Moscow, Rus­sia to the Far East with the fin­ish line in Bei­jing, China.

Rally Raid crews will en­dure 15-days of com­pe­ti­tion with a to­tal dis­tance of 10,780 km that will take com­peti­tors from the cer­e­mo­nial start in Moscow’s Red Square, across Asia and the Gobi Desert and on to Bei­jing. With such an epic ad­ven­ture in store, Aldo Rac­ing will be up against some of the worlds best, with the Dakar cham­pion To­tal Peugeot team show­ing up to do bat­tle.

The route will be­gin with a tran­sit stage from Moscow to the Rus­sian city of Kazan where proper com­pe­ti­tion will be­gin. A pro­logue to de­ter­mine the start or­der for the first com­pet­i­tive stage (Kazan-Ufa) on July 10th, will take place in the city cen­tre of Kazan with the rally then ex­it­ing ‘Mother Rus­sia’ and en­ter­ing Kaza­khstan on July 11th. The “Land of Wan­der­ers,” a hilly grass­lands re­gion in the north of Kaza­khstan will host three stages, with a stop in the fu­tur­is­tic metropole and cap­i­tal Astana and a much-de­served rest day in the for­mer first city, Al­maty.

On July 16th, the raiders will see the vast plateaus, steep canyons and rolling tracks of Kaza­khstan morph into the arid deserts of China, with Bor­tala host­ing the first bivouac east of the bor­der. Then, the mas­sive Gobi Desert takes cen­tre stage. With Mon­go­lia to the north and the Qil­ian Shan to the south, the rally heads east for a week­long bat­tle, reach­ing the cap­i­tal of In­ner Mon­go­lia, Ho­hhot, be­fore the fi­nal stage and fin­ish line in Bei­jing on July 24th.

It all looks to be an epic ad­ven­ture that may likely ri­val the iconic Dakar event. Aldo Rac­ing has al­ready be­gun the great jour­ney to the start ramp in Moscow and we will have all the de­tails as they fight their way to Bei­jing.

THE ROUTE: 15 stages, 10,780 km

RUS­SIA 07 July Ad­min­is­tra­tive checks and scru­ti­neer­ing Moscow 08 July Cer­e­mo­nial Start Red Square Moscow 09 July Stage 1 Moscow –Kazan 853.35km 10 July Stage 2 Kazan-Ufa 622.17km


11 July Stage 3 Ufa-Kostanay 812.46km 12 July Stage4 Kostanay-Astana 855.69km 13 July Stage 5 Astana-Balkhash 821.10km 14 July Stage 6 Balkhash-Al­maty 855.88km 15 July Rest Day Al­maty


16 July Stage 7 Al­maty-Bor­tala 610.40km 17 July Stage 8 Bor­tala-Urumqi 829.35km 18 July Stage 9 Urumqi-Hami 767.32km 19 July Stage 10 Hami-Dun­huang 484.33km 20 July Stage 11 Dun­huang-Ji­ayuguan 589.69km 21 July Stage 12 Ji­ayuguan – Alashan 678.46km 22 July Stage 13 Alashan-Wuhai 734.98km 23 July Stage 14 Wuhai-Ho­hhot 774.47km 24 July Stage 15 Ho­hhot-Bei­jing 490.48km

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 ??  ?? An epic route that not only out stretches, but should ri­val the great Dakar Rally.
An epic route that not only out stretches, but should ri­val the great Dakar Rally.

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