When talking to those in the trades, chances are they are looking at the Big Three fullsize truck-makers for their next purchase and not the new Honda Ridgeline. However, Honda has taken advantage of an opportunit­y to make people think twice about their next truck purchase, and it’s all thanks to GM. In their latest of ever relenting shots at Ford and their use of aluminum, GM staged a commercial shoot where landscapin­g stones were dropped from a height of 1.25 m onto the unprotecte­d beds of both a Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. First, we don’t know of any tradesmen who use an unprotecte­d bed, but the ensuing damage showed several punctures and large dents to the F-150. The Silverado held up quite a bit better but still sustained a fair bit of damage.

The twist in this story is that Honda saw this and figured they would duplicate the test on their new Ridgeline, which features a composite rear bed. With a one-take scene, Honda replicated the test yielding only a few scratches in the composite and not real damage. We’re betting GM didn’t see this one coming and that they learned a valuable lesson in karma.

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