The Rally Dakar organizers, ASO, have announced the route of the 2017 Dakar. The biggest news is the fact that the route will feature a new hosting country: Paraguay. In early January 2017, the South American country will stage the start of the legendary event. The competitor­s will roll over the start podium in Paraguay’s capital Asunción after also having passed the scrutineer­ing and the administra­tive checks. From there, the competitor­s will travel to Bolivia where the capital of La Paz will be the host for the field on the Rest Day. The final stages will be contested in Argentina where the rally will finish on January 14th, 2017, in Buenos Aires.

Although the individual stages have not yet been determined, one thing already is clear: the field will have to cope with a minimum of five days in Bolivia reaching a height of 3,500 metres above sea level. Last year, the stages in Bolivia took several competitor­s to their limit. No other capital in the world is located at a height like La Paz and as a result, even the Rest Day will be an exhausting affair for the competitor­s.

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