Those who have followed the Land Rover story over the past couple of decades might remember the days (1994-2000) when both Land Rover and Jaguar were owned by BMW. Back then, Land Rover was making use of their parent company's excellent engine-building expertise with a couple straight-six diesels working their way into the European market. Well, it seems as though Land Rover has come full circle as Automobile is reporting that Jaguar Land Rover is set to phase out their iconic 5.0L supercharg­ed V-8’s in favour of more efficient turbocharg­ed V-8’s built by the Bavarian brand.

While the supercharg­ed beauties make all the right noises, the fact is, JLR are in need of upgraded powertrain­s. Going back to the drawing board is an expensive hindrance, especially if BMW is offering a partnershi­p. Automobile are reporting that the said V-8’s are still in the design phase and will have a displaceme­nt of 4.0L. That’s about all we know, but expect these new V-8’s to be a lighter and more fuel efficient package than the outgoing 4.4L that currently produces anywhere between 440 to 600 hp in.

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