e hinted a few issues back that we had picked up an IR (Ingersoll Rand) W5350 90-degree cordless ½-in impact. Since that time, we have installed everything from running boards on our Low Down Dirty Dodge project to swapping the drivetrain out of Stinky Jeep. We even got some jobs done around the house, not “washing floors” or “folding laundry” but things to mark off the “honey do” list all the same.

We associate IR with pneumatic compressor­s, air tools and bobcat skid steer tractors, so the thought of them stepping into battery powered world initially threw up a red flag and a murmured “What the…?” It was like watching Editor Mack get his hands dirty; surely it would take a few battery and control revisions to sink their teeth into this market. You know what we

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