4WDrive - - Review -

The goal was to cre­ate an in­tu­itive, safe jump starter ready to start gas en­gines to 6.4l and diesel up to 3.2l us­ing 12V sys­tems. This cov­ers most pickup trucks and SUVs as long as the bat­tery isn’t com­pletely dead. A ‘Smart Box’ guides the op­er­a­tor through the process. And they call their clamps ‘Smarty Clamps’, which won’t ac­ti­vate un­less prop­erly con­nected – so no sparks. But the tech­nol­ogy isn’t in the clamps but in the unit it­self. The Weego shuts down if your bat­tery is the im­proper voltage, the Weego over­heats, or if the po­lar­ity is re­versed. Or if your en­gine pulls more than the rated 400 amps, which means if your bat­tery is re­ally, re­ally dead – the Weego won’t start your en­gine. Look at the cold crank­ing amps (CCA) re­quired for your trucks’ bat­tery – that will give you an idea of how many amps you’ll need with no (i.e. a com­pletely dead) bat­tery. We don’t (hope­fully) need to boost our truck too of­ten so the Weego 44 makes it­self use­ful in other ways. It has 500-lu­men flash­light, which if you hang it over­head can func­tion as a work light, and will re­port­edly run for 14 hours. It also func­tions as a strobe or will flash S.O.S. It’s also ready to charge your mo­bile de­vices in­clud­ing lap­tops. Nat­u­rally you also have to charge your Weego, so it comes with both a car charger and wall charger. The lunch box is a pure mar­ket­ing gim­mick. Func­tion­ally it’s a cheap tin box that gets bent out of shape and then won’t stay shut, un­less you put stuff in ex­actly the same way as the ro­bot at the fac­tory. For­tu­nately, the unit it­self is tougher - IP65 rated to keep mois­ture and dirt out, and comes with a mois­ture re­sis­tant bag that you can ac­tu­ally use. Drive over the tin box af­ter you buy yours and email me the pic­ture.

MSRP: $150 USD | www.my­weego.com

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