Back­swing by Yakima

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We love to moun­tain bike, but most racks re­quire heav­ing your bike on top of the roof, sit­ting in your truck bed, or most of­ten, block­ing ac­cess to the bed, or the in­te­rior of your SUV. This block­age makes it tough when you have dogs or re­cov­ery, camp­ing and other gear that you need to ac­cess. We or­dered a Yakima Back­swing, which fits into your trucks 2” re­ceiver hitch and then your bike rack fits into Back­swing’s 2” re­ceiver hitch. Now when you need to ac­cess the back of your truck or SUV, your rack loaded with bikes swings 90° out of the way. It will se­curely hold up to 114 kg (250lbs) of bikes us­ing Yakima’s SKS (same key sys­tem). We tested us­ing Yakima’s Holdup 2, on both a Wran­gler JKU and Ram 1500 - works per­fectly. MSRP: $399 CAD Get cur­rent pric­ing and info https://amzn.to/2Lr­wKhG

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