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Un­like the other re­cov­ery board of­fer­ings, in­clud­ing the TRED 1100’s, the TRED Pro seems to have had far more thought put into it dur­ing the re­search and de­vel­op­ment stage. While en­gi­neer­ing this ad­vanced re­cov­ery board, the TRED de­sign­ers cre­ated a data­base of the best-sell­ing off-road tires on the mar­ket and de­signed the tooth pat­tern to give the high­est prob­a­bil­ity of grip, no mat­ter what tire you run.

Many will no­tice that th­ese Aus­tralian made boards are not sim­ply cov­ered in grip­ping teeth, but rather there is a fair amount of space be­tween them, al­low­ing them to sit deeper in the tread for bet­ter grip. You’ll also no­tice that the teeth are a dif­fer­ent colour than the rest of the TRED Pro. This is be­cause the TRED Pro fea­tures a patented EXOTRED dual com­pos­ite con­struc­tion in which the teeth are moulded out of a harder wear­ing ma­te­rial first, then in­serted into the mould for the board sec­tion. The more flex­i­ble board ma­te­rial then gets in­jected into the mould thereby fus­ing the two com­po­nents to­gether. This al­lows the teeth to hold up to the rig­ors of use, and even the oc­ca­sional wheel spin, while the main body of the board re­mains flex­i­ble, even in be­low zero tem­per­a­tures.

The TRED Pro also fea­tures SIPE-LOCKs, which are longer teeth along the side of the re­cov­ery board that grab the wa­ter evac­u­a­tion chan­nels on a tire. The TRED team didn’t stop there, the ramp side has a con­cave shape to help cen­tre the tire while de­bris and ob­struc­tions are cleared. On the op­po­site side of the ramp they have added a “shovel”, which as ex­pected doesn’t take the place of an ac­tual shovel but does a good job in the right con­di­tions such as snow and sand. Fi­nally, if th­ese fea­tures aren’t al­ready enough, con­sider that all TREDs, Pro, 1100, and the 800 se­ries all carry the in­dus­tries best life­time war­ranty. Un­like some other re­cov­ery board man­u­fac­tur­ers TREDs will cover their prod­uct even if it has dam­aged or worn lugs. Peter Storck is the owner/op­er­a­tor of All Ter­rain Over­land Gear Inc.

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