SnoMaster Clas­sic Se­ries Over­land Fridge

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After hav­ing used the SnoMaster fridge/freezer on this last trip, I don’t know how I ever went with­out a 12V fridge for all th­ese years. It’s heavy at 26kgs (57 lbs) empty, so no one will want to carry this beast on a ca­noe ex­pe­di­tion along with a 12V bat­tery. How­ever, on a 4x4 over­land ex­pe­di­tion when you plan to stay off the grid for a few days, or just any ve­hi­cle camp­ing trip, it’s ab­so­lutely per­fect.

This SnoMaster is the Clas­sic Se­ries (CL56D) stain­less steel AC/ DC fridge/freezer dou­ble door. At first glance you no­tice that it’s solid and looks good with the stain­less steel out­side walls. Its to­tal ca­pac­ity is 56 litres split into 26 and 30 litre com­part­ments. It’s heavy when empty so I rec­om­mend you have two peo­ple to carry it to the ve­hi­cle, or fill it up when it’s in your truck. It works on 12/24V DC, or in a nor­mal elec­tri­cal out­let of 120V AC. The fridge/freezer comes with LED lights and lid alarm so you won’t find your beers warm the next day if the cover was not shut prop­erly. It also has a re­mote so you can op­er­ate the dig­i­tal ther­mo­stat from a dis­tance to set the tem­per­a­ture of the fridge. You can also use both sides as freez­ers, both sides as fridges, or one of each and the tem­per­a­ture can be set be­tween – 22°C to 10°C (-8°F to -50°F). With its 60mm in­su­la­tion walls you can be sure that the tem­per­a­ture will al­ways re­main as you have set it, and to make sure this hap­pens, SnoMaster pro­vides an in­su­lated tran­sit bag that fits tightly around the fridge. This fridge comes with three bas­kets so you don’t have to rummage through your gro­ceries to find the hot dogs at the bot­tom of the pile. One bas­ket can con­tain a 12 nor­mal cans of beer...just say­ing.

As far as power goes, I have camped in the heat of Moab, Utah for four days and it did not drain that much power from my truck bat­tery, al­though I do have a so­lar panel and I used it as pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure when I was far from civ­i­liza­tion. There are two op­er­at­ing lev­els you can use, a low and high power so when you are sta­tion­ary for a few days you can switch it on low and it will draw less power (5 amps on high, 2.5 amps on low). You can also set a volt­age cut, so when your truck bat­tery reaches ei­ther 10 or 11.5 volts, the fridge will stop au­to­mat­i­cally en­sur­ing you have some power to start your ve­hi­cle.

The SnoMaster is a great ad­di­tion to our over­land kit and pro­vided some unique over­land ex­pe­ri­ences, like be­ing able to reach for a frozen Fudgsi­cle while camped in the Ne­vada desert. This fridge, how­ever, is too high for us. Its di­men­sions are (715w x 450d x 525h mm), and didn’t fit be­tween my Decked drawer sys­tem and the truck cap, so we put it on the back seat for the trip.

As a re­sult, we will re­turn this one to Wild Coast Tents and have ar­ranged to pur­chase the SnoMaster low pro­file freezer/ fridge, which will fit per­fectly in my cab at just 470mm high. They are not cheap, how­ever you get a high qual­ity prod­uct with a fiveyear war­ranty on the com­pres­sor. New top of the line tra­di­tional ice cool­ers can be very ex­pen­sive as well, but the SnoMaster means no thaw­ing ice or ice packs, no wet sand­wiches, and you get ice cream for the kids no mat­ter where you are, and yes, it keeps my beers nice and cold.

If any of you are look­ing for cheap ice cool­ers, I’m hav­ing a great 2 for 1 deal at the mo­ment.

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