- Words and photos by Alain Gagnon

There are a few reasons I love this product; it makes a great espresso coffee, it’s easy to use, and it keeps everything you need for your morning “fix” all in one place (minus water and milk). I could also say that it’s practical as it can be easily stashed (in my case “shoved”) in your camping gearbox and small enough to take along to your favourite fly-fishing spot. It looks so cool it makes a great gift for that overlander that loves camping gadgets…and coffee. “The Java Can” kit includes a military spec ammo container to keep all together, a 4 cup Moka pot, a ceramic burr coffee grinder, an ultra light camp stove (not butane), a 12 oz milk frothing pitcher, 4 stainless steel double wall cups (for you to share the joy), a battery operated milk frother, and of course, instructio­ns with pictures. The kit is fairly easy to use, sturdy, and equipped with good quality items. A perfect cup of coffee starts with of a “good” coffee bean. I normally use any strong bold “espresso” coffee beans from my local grocery store but right now I’m enjoying a Mexican espresso blend that is quite tasty. At the end of the day, do you really need the Java Can to make the best coffee possible? More than likely not, however you have a unique quality Java kit all in one container that is easy to store and grab out of your jeep or truck and it produces what you really need for your morning “fix” in order to get your day going and GET OUT THERE AND EXPLORE. www.thejavacan.com MSRP: $150

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