A Hi-Lift jack is a must have re­cov­ery item for any off-road en­thu­si­ast. It’s a bit heavy, and must be treated with re­spect, but it’s a crit­i­cal item to have in your re­cov­ery kit. Even us­ing your winch, in some in­stances it’s prefer­able to lift the ve­hi­cle a few inches so you can fit re­cov­ery ramps or rocks un­der the tires, so you don’t drag your rig out cre­at­ing more dam­age. And, it can also be used to pull your rig back or side­ways.

The Hi-Lift X-TREME is Hi-Lift’s top of the line jack and can be rec­og­nized by its char­coal metal­lic pow­der-coat fin­ish. The hard­ware, han­dle and spe­cial top winch­clamp-spreader at­tach­ment are cov­ered with a gold zinc-coat for greater rust re­sis­tance.

One of the X-TREME’s most in­ter­est­ing fea­tures is its winch-clamp-spreader at­tach­ment that makes this jack even more ver­sa­tile. It al­lows the jack to lift, winch, spread and clamp up to 5000 pounds. It in­cludes two shackle holes as well as a 3/8-inch chain slot for winch­ing. You can even turn this jack into a Jaws of Life tool. How­ever, there is a jack spe­cially de­signed for first re­spon­ders.

I usu­ally at­tach my X-TREME to my Ba­jaRack with Ba­jaRack’s spe­cial at­tach­ment, which fits per­fectly on the side of my roof rack. There are a plethora of so­lu­tions from a number of man­u­fac­turer’s to mount your jack, just be aware it’s not some­thing you can keep tossed in your ve­hi­cle; it needs to be prop­erly se­cured. Hi-Lift X-TREME fea­tures: All-Cast Con­struc­tion 7000lb (3175.14kg) Tested Ca­pac­ity Avail­able in 48” & 60” Heights (122, & 152cm) hi-lift.com Hi-Lift Lift-Mate Un­less you have off-road bumpers or slid­ers, you likely won’t have any se­cure jack­ing points. This is when the Hi-Lift Lift-Mate comes to the res­cue. This item was de­signed so you can lift your ve­hi­cle di­rectly from a wheel (depend­ing on the wheel de­sign). It will also re­duce the amount of travel re­quired by the jack to lift your ve­hi­cle if for in­stance, you have very large tires and a lift kit. Lift-Mate fea­tures: Lift Ca­pac­ity: 5000 lbs. (2273 kg) Rub­ber-Coated hooks to pro­tect the wheel Rub­ber pad for pro­tect­ing the tire and wheel hi-lift.com

The JakJaw Hi-Lift Adapter is en­gi­neered from heavy-duty laser-cut steel and can fit on any jack model. It can be used to lift a ve­hi­cle by its bumpers, slid­ers or any round or square tub­ing. It fits per­fectly un­der­neath my slid­ers–pro­vid­ing me with se­cure jack­ing points. JakJaw fea­tures: Weight: 1 kg (2.3 lbs) Colour op­tions: Pow­dered coated safety red Fits all Hi-Lift brand farm jacks 3/16” mild steel, hot rolled, P/O

The Hi-Lift Off-Road Base is made of heavy plas­tic and will pro­vide bet­ter sup­port as well as re­duce the risk of your Hi-Lift jack sink­ing into soft ground. While there are more ag­gres­sive mod­els out there that might pro­vide bet­ter grip on rocks, this one is Hi-Lift’s orig­i­nal equip­ment so you know you can count on it. I have found it to be quite sta­ble.

The Hi-Lift Han­dle-Keeper is made of polyurethane and will elim­i­nate the jack rat­tling dur­ing its trans­port by re­tain­ing the HiLift han­dle to the up­right steel bar. The only in­con­ve­nience is that you will need to re­move the X-TREME’s winch-clamp-spreader at­tach­ment to in­stall or re­move it. How­ever it eas­ily slips on and off the other reg­u­lar jack mod­els.

The Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit al­lows the jack to be used as a winch. It’s go­ing to be a slow process but it will get the job done if it is your only op­tion. The kit comes with ev­ery­thing you need ex­cept 25ft of 3/8” chain with hold­ing hooks. The ex­tra chain with hold­ing hooks is an es­sen­tial item. With­out it, you won’t be able to take full ad­van­tage of the kit and will be lim­ited to us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of tow straps, winch ex­ten­sion straps, and tree savers for your re­cov­ery (you don’t want to use a ki­netic strap/rope for winch­ing). Off-Road Kit in­cludes: 1 - Winch Jack At­tach­ment Bracket 1 - Winch Ten­sioner At­tach­ment Bracket 2 - 3/8” Grab Hook w/ Cle­vis Pin 1 - 3/8” G40 Chain (26-link) 1 - 3/8” G40 Chain (15-link) 1 - 1/2” Bolt and Nut 1 - Quick Re­lease Pin (Re­places cot­ter pin that se­cures Hi-Lift Jack base plate) 1 - 5/8” D-Ring Shackle 1 - 2” Ny­lon Tree Strap (8’ length) 1 - 5/16” Bolt and Nut 2 - 3/8” Bolt and Nut 1 - Hi-Lift® Gloves 1 - Hi-Lift® Gear Bag

On a fi­nal note, don’t get a knock-off ver­sion of the Hi-Lift jack–it’s just not worth it. For your safety, get a real Hi-Lift jack–they have been around since 1905 for a rea­son. I won’t go on an off-road adventure with­out mine! jakjaw.com | hi-lift.com

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