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As aw­ful as it sounds, I’ve been re­ly­ing on friends to have a re­cov­ery rope in the event that they, or I, find our­selves in a sticky/stuck sit­u­a­tion. And while some­one al­ways has one, be­ing with­out one is de­mean­ing, and flies in the face of what a sel­f­re­liant wheeler should be car­ry­ing. I re­deemed my­self by order­ing a 3/4” 30’ Voodoo Off-road re­cov­ery rope. Why 30’? Be­cause some­times longer is bet­ter. I could have gone the 7/8” which has a 38,000 lb break­ing strength, but it is de­signed for 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks; our wheel­ing and snow ex­trac­tion here is pri­mar­ily mid-size and half ton trucks and SUV’s – so the 24,500 lb limit is plenty.

The rope checks off all the key con­struc­tion fea­tures for a re­cov­ery rope; 12 strand sin­gle braid, with a UV, wa­ter, and abra­sion re­sis­tant polyurethane coat­ing. It is also a gar­ish bright green which is per­fect in dim light or when you drop it in murky wa­ter.

You could ar­gue that 30’ is too long and that I should have or­dered the 20’ in­stead. You could be right. My rea­son­ing for want­ing longer (no jokes please, I’ve typed and deleted them all al­ready) is that this style of re­cov­ery rope func­tions by stor­ing ki­netic en­ergy for a smooth ex­trac­tion – a longer rope means more stored ki­netic en­ergy. In the event that 30’ is too long for the space the trail al­lows, I can dou­ble it up. If you are a min­i­mal­ist, or tight on space, click to buy the 20’ length and wait for some to ask,… what’s in your sack?


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