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Bryan’s fi­nal words to me be­fore I drove off into an acre of mud were, “I’m not pulling line!” In­spir­ing. They say our sense of smell is the most pow­er­ful sense to re­call mem­o­ries — the scent in the air af­ter a thun­der­storm, freshly ground rich, dark cof­fee, and of course the aroma of brand new vul­can­ized rub­ber.

It is the smell of ad­ven­ture. When Yoko­hama’s new Ge­olan­der X-MT G005 ar­rived at my door, I knew at first glance they were spe­cial. My friends at OK Tire in Kelowna thought I was ‘spe­cial’ too when they ar­rived at work at 7 am to find me asleep in my Jeep in their park­ing lot, sun­light twin­kling off the morn­ing dew.

I know they like to get the crazy’s out of the way be­fore sane cus­tomers start show­ing up and my strat­egy worked.

The X-MT’s have an ag­gres­sive de­sign with uniquely siped large tread blocks that step down to widely spaced voids. The en­gi­neer’s goal was to cre­ate a tread that would quickly clear mud, per­sis­tently grab rock off-road, and yet evac­u­ate wa­ter on wet roads. They suc­ceeded.

In a way the tire is miss-named, as it isn’t just a ter­rific mud ter­rain tire but also an ag­gres­sive rock crawler.

The en­gi­neer’s also knew that cre­at­ing a tire named us­ing the word X-treme, meant it wouldn’t be pur­chased for half­hearted gro­cery get­ters. The side­walls and shoul­ders have vis­i­bly re­in­forced blocks to pro­vide su­pe­rior pro­tec­tion and even they have a tread de­sign so ev­ery part of the tire can pro­vide trac­tion.

A new triple poly­mer, high den­sity com­pound re­sists cuts and chips and has an added bonus of mak­ing a tire last longer. Since my wife oc­ca­sion­ally parks us­ing the braille method around con­crete pil­lars (the tire sticks out past my fend­ers just enough), I had am­ple op­por­tu­nity to see (and feel) the tire wear. There wasn’t any.

This is due to Yoko­hama’s new GEOSHIELD™ con­struc­tion, which fea­tures a full ny­lon cover, three-ply con­struc­tion and ex­tra-thick side­wall pro­tec­tion. If you read our re­view of the Ge­olan­dar M/T G003 you may re­call how that side­wall with the same con­struc­tion with­stood a se­vere al­ter­ca­tion with a tree (https:// youtu.be/K3oCXeNhDVk).

On the road, the tire is quiet for a mudter­rain tire. Given the size of the voids I ex­pected it to be much nois­ier. That’s not to say it is quiet, just that it is much more com­fort­able than ex­pected. Han­dling and

brak­ing on wet and dry pave­ment are the best I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced on a tire this ag­gres­sively de­signed for off-road use. If you don’t mind the ex­tra noise over an all ter­rain tire (and it does quickly be­come for­got­ten), you could use this tire for your daily driver, and with the M+S rat­ing, you can use it all year long.

Off-road, the tire was noth­ing short of as­tound­ing. Aired down to 15 psi we got a good bulge for an im­proved foot­print and dare I say ‘com­fort­able’ ride over the wash­board. The tires had tena­cious trac­tion even in the loose dirt, moss and wood cov­ered for­est floor. If not for the lim­it­ing break-over an­gle of our Wran­gler Un­lim­ited, we could have climbed up and over a rock cliff.

We ex­plored the wet muddy trails ef­fort­lessly and saw first hand how eas­ily the tread clears mud. Even through the slick-as-eel-snot rocker deep mud we kept on mov­ing. What a great day.

The cons are more noise than an A/T tire, and no moun­tain snowflake for top per­for­mance in ice, slush, and freez­ing tem­per­a­ture road driv­ing. But if driv­ing off-road pushes your pas­sion but­ton, and you want to drive more and winch less buy this tire. Check out the full video at https://youtu.be/aLBspRM1YBc More sizes and Specs - https:// tire.yoko­hama.ca/tires/ ge­olan­dar-x-mt Specs as tested Tire: Yoko­hama Ge­olan­dar X-MT G005 Size: 35x12.50R17LT Type: Ra­dial ex­treme mud ter­rain Max load (lb): 3,195 Side­wall con­struc­tion: 3-ply polyester Tread con­struc­tion: 3-ply polyester, 2-ply steel, 1-ply ny­lon Ap­proved rim width (in): 8.5-11.0 Tread depth (in): 21/32

Solid per­for­mance on wet roads with the prom­ise of off-road ad­ven­ture.

The tires grab and drive ef­fort­lessly through the goo.

The shoul­ders and side­walls are heav­ily re­in­forced and have tread for trac­tion.

The tread de­sign keeps the voids clear of mud.

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