IN THEIR NEVER-ENDING QUEST to give us the perfect truck tire, Toyo Tires® has introduced the all-new Open Country® H/T II highway all-season tire for pickup trucks and SUVs. This next-gen tire builds on the quality and reputation of the Open Country H/T with added technology and design that deliver improved wet braking performanc­e and handling, longer tread life, and more consistent traction performanc­e throughout the life of the tire.

And before you ask, yes, they are available in LT ratings.

Toyo has incorporat­ed a new wear-resistant tread compound that extends tire life and improves durability. A new, patented tread design includes adaptive circumfere­ntial grooves and expanding shoulder grooves, to help maintain excellent wet performanc­e throughout the wear life of the tire. Four wide circumfere­ntial grooves and multiwave sipes boost the all-season performanc­e.

Helping you make your truck more unique, the Open Country H/T II also offers two different sidewall designs to choose from: classic on one side and sporty on the other. The classic design is similar to the original Open Country H/T and is available with raised outlined white letters in some sizes. The sporty side features high-contrast lettering and an attractive, stylized shoulder and sidewall.

This premium all-season tire comes with an impressive tread wear warranty of up to 70,000 miles (50,000 mi in LT) and is backed by the Toyo Tires 500 Mile Trial Offer. To learn more about the new Toyo Open Country H/T II, visit toyotires.com/opencountr­y-tires.

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