The new version of the wheel (named after Idaho’s tallest peak) is specifical­ly designed for the JL Wrangler, paying close attention to the offset, back spacing and center cap bore requiremen­ts. JK owners fear not, there is also a Borah DualSport available for JK’s 2007-2018.

For many owners who are unsure about making a commitment to a true beadlock for their daily driver, you can start with the Borah in a street configurat­ion and then purchase a beadlock later.

It gives you three options; either a fully-functional Beadlock Ring for running very low tire pressure off-road, a Protection Ring designed for street use as well as additional wheel protection off-road, or no ring for a simple, minimalist look. Both the Beadlock and Protection Rings are interchang­eable, giving you the flexibilit­y to run a Protection Ring on the street or upgrade to a functional Beadlock Ring for offroad use.

You can get the new wheel in either an Onyx or Satin Black finish, with Onyx/Machined, Galaxy Black and Galaxy Black/Machined all coming soon. The optional Beadlock Ring and Protection ring are both available in a silver or onyx finish so you can easily paint them for a custom look.

The Borah wheel with the Beadlock Ring installed is DOT compliant but that doesn’t necessaril­y mean that they are legal for street use everywhere. Check provincial, state and local restrictio­ns on beadlock installati­on and use BEFORE you order.

Heads up, beadlock wheels must be properly installed and require routine maintenanc­e. As a general policy, AEV recommends that beadlock wheels be used for off-road purposes only.

Due to the variances in bead thickness between different tire models, the Borah wheel is not compatible with some tires in the fully functional beadlock configurat­ion. AEV has confirmed that the tires listed below are compatible with this wheel. And although other tire brands and models may work, AEV only recommends using the tires listed on this chart. Tires that are not listed on this chart may have a bead that is too thick for this wheel, which can lead to wheel failure, vehicle damage and personal injury (sounds like their lawyers talking). AEV will be updating this list with additional tire manufactur­ers and models as they test them. Please contact the AEV Sales Team at (248) 9260256 if you have any questions or concerns about tire compatibil­ity before ordering.

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