My build started with a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited with the intention of competing in King of the Hammers and the full Ultra4 racing series. And as the cowboys say, this wasn’t my first rodeo.

I started my race career co-piloting with Kevin Adler, brother of CEO for 4 Wheel Parts wholesaler Greg Adler. And after we raced some Best In The Desert (BITD) and Ultra4 races, I was hooked. And decided to build my own Ultra4 stock class 4600 Jeep.

The 4600 stock is a limited class with various limitation­s including 35” diameter max tires, single shock per corner, stock naturally aspirated motor, and no body cutting or modificati­ons.

But don’t be fooled, these vehicles are not stockers, they are full race vehicles with all the safety requiremen­ts

like a roll cage and race seats, while you wear a fireproof race suit, helmet, gloves, and neck restraints.

In my seven years of racing Ultra4 I have clinched numerous titles including a 2016 National Championsh­ip, 2018 East Coast Championsh­ip, and numerous podium finishes along with many top qualifier positions.

I chose the Jeep Wrangler LJ model because its 103” wheelbase is said to be the ‘magic number’ according to hard core off-roaders.

I wanted to build a trail worthy, King Kong strong vehicle that would take the abuse of off-road rock crawling, focusing heavily on the strength of the drive train.

Up front boasts a full width Dana 60 (out of an 1981 Ford F350) with 5.13 gears and a super strong ARB air locker for reliable traction. In the rear, I chose the super strong GM 14-bolt full floater also with 5.13 gears, and my favourite ARB locker.

The stroked out 4.7L 6-cyl motor, topped with an Edelbrock aluminum head, has proven to be a strong, reliable set up, along with ‘punch to the face’ horsepower.

Power is transmitte­d through the Jeep 42RLE automatic transmissi­on, which has been filled with tricks and mods to take the abuse. An Atlas 2 transfer case puts the torque to the ground, where my Fury Country Hunter M/T tires keep me moving through the toughest racecourse­s.

Racing has shown me that running top quality parts and equipment is always a wise choice, and in my truck, is has proven to be a winning combinatio­n.

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