Lightforce Genesis LED Driving Lights

- Words and photos by Mercedes Lillientha­l

Australian-based Lightforce offers up high quality LED driving lights, including their round Genesis 8.3” (210mm) diameter, 140W LED model. These oversized LED lights boast 1 lux output at 3,455 ft. (1,053m), which is more than half a mile. The Genesis includes 13,850 raw lumens (7,336 effective lumens) and are fully sealed with an IP69K rating. As with many of Lightforce lights, the Genesis model is sold individual­ly, with each light including a reversible mounting bracket, clear spot filter, a waterproof harness adaptor, and stainless steel mounting hardware. Installati­on required the Genesis and Venom LED wiring harness kit, which is sold separately at $79.00 USD.

These Genesis lights adorn our 1992 right-hand-drive Mitsubishi 4x4 Pajero’s ARB front bumper— front and center, flanking both sides of our WARN winch. The ARB bumper had allowances for auxiliary lights so installati­on was easier than anticipate­d. After installing the first light with a 17mm socket wrench, we noticed the top of the aluminum powdercoat­ed light housing was nosed up against the bottom of the upper bull bar. That wasn’t going to work. Thankfully, Lightforce Genesis LED lights come with reversible brackets. A simple bracket reversal at the base and the problem was solved. All else installed easily and properly (although routing the wiring took a bit of time). The stainless steel hardware fit as it should and was of high quality material. Lightforce’s plugs and sockets are noted to be waterproof (we haven’t had any issues in the rainy Pacific Northwest where we live). All materials appeared well-made and meticulous­ly constructe­d.

The wiring process included connecting the included H4 adaptor to the headlights so the Genesis lights function only with the vehicle’s high-beams on. We then mounted the harness’ separate relay and fuse in the engine bay and fished the wires back into the rig’s interior for their switches. Lightforce offers up two switches: the first switch is an on/off control while the second changes both lights to a dim mode (like a daytime running light). The Genesis switches are of decent size, feel high-quality, and have a bright red LED light that turns on in the switch when the lights are on. Although installati­on was successful, the instructio­ns for the wiring harness could have been delineated a bit better.

Our Lightforce Genesis driving lights are crazy bright. They illuminate the surroundin­gs and track ahead of our rig wonderfull­y. They have a very long beam spread and light pathways with intensity. Genesis LED driving lights come with clear spot filters; but light blue or yellow filters are also available. Black covers (with the same signature Lightforce logo as seen on the other filters) are also marketed. Non-clear filters/covers sold separately.

Lightforce Genesis LED driving lights are very high quality, have demonstrat­ed superb performanc­e, and have been a welcome addition to our Pajero. If you’re looking for quality, highlumen output LED driving lights, be sure to consider Lighthouse Genesis. Price is $449 USD each.

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