Improved towing & handling with Hellwig Helper Springs

- Words by Trevor Klassen, Photos by Chris Klassen

It seems like more and more people are choosing ½ ton pickup trucks for their towing and hauling needs than ever before. With modern ½ ton pickups capable of hauling most reasonable loads, can you blame them?

As a long time member of the heavyduty club I decided it was time to give a ½ ton a try and to be honest once I towed my first load, I was a little disappoint­ed. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of power, but I expected better handling. With a load that was about 800lbs in the truck bed and a 6500lb trailer utilizing a distributi­on hitch, the back end of the truck felt like a marshmallo­w compared to what I was used to. I immediatel­y

started looking into what I could do to improve the handling. After doing some research I figured the Hellwig EZ990 Helper Springs could be the answer to my problem. With a rating of up to 2000lbs of level load carrying capacity they should be more than enough for my needs.

There are several reasons these appealed to me:

• The side-to-side load control can be adjusted separately. Often when hauling material for work I have a load of tools positioned to one side and even with a one ton there was noticeable sag of the leaf springs on that side. In less than 10 minutes I can easily torque one side higher than the other to compensate for this

• You can’t beat the ease of installati­on!

• Made in America

• You can’t beat the price

Initial results are better than I had hoped. I had fears of kidney crushing back road driving trips but instead I was pleasantly surprised. I am getting the load levelling I had hoped for and still have a ride that is not far from stock and nowhere near that of a ¾ ton.

How easy is the installati­on? I’m glad you asked. Install time 30-60 minutes.

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