Traversing Moab Rim Trail with Rugged Ridge and Superlift


MOAB, UTAH is known for its breathtaki­ng scenery and being a top destinatio­n for 4x4 enthusiast­s. People flock here from places scattered across the globe. Moab boasts ever-varying terrain, from dark red-coloured slick rock and hundreds of kilometres of dirt trails to wispy soft sand dunes and boulder-filled challenges. It’s a 4x4 haven for off-roading adventurer­s.

Moab—a unique geological wonderland—boasts trails ranging from easy and scenic two-wheel drive backcountr­y drives to unforgivin­g 4WD rock-crawling challenges. Sheer cliff drops, steep inclines and declines, and rock crawling— invite drivers to either winch or wince. Moab evokes the inner adventurer and provides an opportunit­y to play and test offroad prowess on all levels.

During this year’s Easter Jeep Safari (EJS), the teams at Rugged Ridge and Superlift Suspension Systems invited me to join them on the iconic Moab Rim trail. Both companies specialize in outfitting Jeeps with aftermarke­t parts, and were testing current and pre-production parts on the trail.


Moab Rim is one of Utah’s off-road gems. This difficult loop trail is approximat­ely 22 km (14 mi) round-trip and climbs well over 300 m (1,000 ft) in height with its highest point being over 1.5 km (5,000 ft) above sea level. The dirt and rock passage boasts a grand view of the Colorado River and Moab Valley and has slick rock stair steps and switchback­s, as well as sheer cliffside routes that give the most seasoned 4x4 enthusiast­s pucker

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